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Related article: baulks of timber over which hun- dreds of people trample in muddy boots, whilst on the space in front of the stand I am at the mercy of a crowd of persons, many of them stridently vociferant, and all of them impatient of any hindrance to their continuous rapid move- ments from one part of the ring to another, which my unlucky person may present. Technically! I pay twenty shillings to witness the racing ; in practice I pay that sum in order that I may bet, pro- vided I do not object to the foot- 1*99-3 "OUR VAN." 293 ball scrummage that is continu- ously in progress. I also run a very excellent chance of being robbed of my money or any other valu- ables I may have about me. Comparison between this state of things and that prevailing in the Pesage of a French racecourse is simply impossible. The French racecourse pro- prietor is no more actuated by motives of philanthropy than we are. He is simply a business man and, to my thinking, a far better business man. The Eng- lish system; rough, ready and brutal, goes on because people enough are to be found who will • submit to it, not because it at- tracts, since everything in con- nection with it is repellant to persons of the least refinement of taste. French racing, on the other hand, is distinctly attractive, and, as a result, it draws thou- sands where we draw hundreds. English racing can never, in its existing form, attract the ordinary family man in the way the theatre does, and as racing in France attracts him, so, so long as we race as we do we must be satis- fied with our comparativelynarrow circle. What astonishes the stranger so much at a Paris race meeting is the number of steady- going townsfolk who find it con- venient to come and bring their female belongings with them, dis- regarding the outlay, that must appear Order Pilex Online considerable to a thrifty Frenchman. Le nionde qui s amuse of course hails a Sunday at Auteuil with joy, but these are far from making up the thousands that throng the pesage (paddock), trje chief enclosure. This and the minor enclosure, the entrance to which is five francs, supply the gate-money which, on a recent Sunday, reached the sum of /3> 200 » which is not bad business, looking Order Pilex at the frequency with which meetings at Auteuil take place. Although the betting element, which is so prominent a feature in connection with English race- courses, never comes under the notice of those who do not seek it in France, I should not like to contradict anyone who stated that the French racecourse visitors, as a body, betted even more persist- ently than the English. Certain it is that, on a French racecourse, we see people betting who would lose caste completely were such a thing known of them in England. This is almost entirely due to the pari-mutuel system. With sur- prise one sees Pilex Tablets a respectable old lady, who no doubt works very hard all the week, walk up to the ticket-sellers before each race and pay her ten francs for a chance. What she, in common with thousands of others doing the same thing, can know about the horses must be nil. Old ladies in black who persistently punted with bookmakers in an English ring would be considered eccen- tric, if not remarkable, but in France nobody takes the least notice. Practically everybody gambles through the medium of the pari-mutuel : and when the time comes, if ever it does come, for the introduction here of this medium of Buy Pilex Online racecourse speculation to be seriously discussed, its oppo- nents will find their firmest plank to be the facility it affords to the small bettor. Although the public pays nothing for frequent- ing the open space at Auteuil, toll is none the less taken of it through the medium Buy Pilex of the pari- mutuel, which is established in two convenient places far apart. In the vicinity of these the crowd is the thickest ; and if you want to know whether the little people gamble or not you have only to watch how, at the conclusion of 294 BA1LY S MAGAZINE. [Aran. each race, the crowd surges towards the pari-mutucl booths, perhaps to draw winnings, but certainly to gamble on the next race. Gambling tables have been a long time suppressed in France, but what does that matter so long as the pari-muttul survives ? It is not surprising that the public like the pari-muttul , which never runs away with the money and never returns a false favourite, but that it is good to encourage the small speculator is very Pilex Online much open to question. The really heavy bettor Buy Cheap Pilex is the man who prefers the book- maker, and who will help him to exist, if he is to continue to do so. A plunging owner, with a good thing that is to recoup him for a bad season, has no use for the pari-mutuely which will not lay him 5,000 to 2,000 in a bet ; and if fight there is to be, it will be on these grounds, though, in actual legal warfare, others may be sub- stituted. On personal grounds the French bookmaker calls for little sympathy. The Kempton Park Betting Case. — The decision of the House of Lords, Pilex Cream to the effect that a race- course enclosure is not a " place " within the meaning of the Act, will not surprise many people, for it was whispered some time before what the decision was likely to be. Now that racecourse pro- prietors have their hands free it is to be hoped that they will do their duty and keep their rings clean. This is the direction towards which public interest is centred. Hunting — The End of the Season.— The last month of the season is half way through Purchase Pilex and the sport has been poor for the last six weeks. Indeed, when we come to look back upon it we shall be obliged to say that this has been one of the most disap- pointing seasons of late years. The rain has made the country often so deep as to make riding over it a difficulty, yet has seldom carried such a scent as might be expected under the circumstances. How much of the deficiency Purchase Pilex Online in sport is to be put down to the very bad cubbing season and to the consequent want of education